The Myth of Melusine

Protector of Women & Children.

Our modern day re-envisioning of Melusine embodies her fierce protective nature and encompasses her innate compassion. There are many legends and lore surrounding water-faring female creatures whose depiction was often one maligned with fear of any women in positions of power. Often, in attempts to quell such power, and dissuade other females from embracing their own, stories warned of punishing scenarios.

Medieval European folklore tells the story of a young human/fairy girl called Mélusine (Mel-ew-seen) who was punished by her mother for entombing her father in a mountain; every Saturday she was cursed to transform into a mermaid or female spirit of fresh or holy water, human from head to torso and two fish tails or serpents for legs; she is sometimes also depicted with wings. She represents the unification of the natural and supernatural worlds, earth and water or of opposites, enlightenment and of the world soul. Also known as a prepatriarchal aquatic goddess.

Melusine wears a key necklace around her neck. She can swim in salt and fresh water, oceans, lakes, rivers. As our vision for Melusine’s Haven emerges, we envision havens nestled by beautiful lakes and oceans.

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